Auto Care Lite

Auto Care Software Lite version is a comprehensive automotive business management software. This windows program is the most contemporary solution currently available in information technology.

Auto Care Software Lite is the perfect solution to enhance your professional image, improve customer service, achieve well balanced cash-flow and obtain accurate business information.

Auto Care Software Lite is a multi user application, so you can use several computers in a network.

There is also inbuilt data protection designed to allow staff access to information according to their level of responsibility.

Main Modules

Detailed description of different modules

Sales - Debtors

Auto Care Software helps you manage sales through several modules and reports. Its main features include:

Customer Invoice:

  • Create and print invoices and job cards in seconds using pre-entered stock items and billing codes
  • Create new invoices from previously entered quotations, invoices or standard job templates. Invoices and job cards can also be created by exporting a booked job from the Booking Diary. Labour and parts not predefined can also be added
  • Mark invoices as ‘work in progress’ until job completion to allow you to keep track of current jobs
  • Look up the profit made on each job
  • Stock items added to invoices will automatically be debited to allow you to monitor stock levels

Customer payment:

  • Call up outstanding balances and allocate payments against invoices
  • Print customer payment information on invoices
  • Easily access customer information including payment history

Customer Card File:

  • Store important information about your customers and their vehicles. This includes vehicle information such as make, model, model code, engine capacity, engine code, build date, fuel, induction system, registration, engine number, VIN or Chassis number, body type, colour, brakes, brake system, transmission, differential and drive
  • Vehicle ownership can be transferred from one customer to the other
  • Vehicle service history can be searched by registration or VIN – Chassis number
  • Send bulk emails to your customers about your specials, changed phone numbers or anything else that you want them to know about.

Quotation, Estimate and Standard Jobs:

  • Create a detailed quotation or estimate for customers using existing stock items and billing quotes. Labour and parts not predefined can also be added
  • Create template for standard jobs such as 10K and 20K services, saving time and providing accuracy. You can import templates into your customer quotes and modify depending on the individual customer’s needs

Booking Diary:

  • Create bookings in seconds and keep track of the number of vehicles and total labour hours booked for the day
  • Access vehicle historical information and notes from the last service
  • Import quotations and estimates to the booking diary. Export the booking to a customer invoice when the vehicle arrives

Debtors Reports:

Access key data and reports about your sales, stock and productivity including:

  • Statements
  • Aged trial balance
  • Invoice and payment registers
  • Servicemen productivity
  • Daily and weekly sales summary
  • Stock report including stagnant stock report and stock sold with zero cost or under cost price
  • Sales analysis by staff members
  • Sales and purchase analysis
  • Price list

Reports can be previewed on screen before printing and can be exported to a pdf format or excel file.

Stock Control

Auto Care Software automatically updates when you buy or sell stock items so you can keep an eye on what stock is coming in and going out. The stock module also allows you to:

  • Enter stock items under three prices (retail, trade and wholesale) and allocate suppliers to each stock item
  • Categorise stock items and, based on their category, use an automatic mark-up
  • Set a minimum and maximum level for automatic reordering of stock items. You can also look up active orders for each stock item
  • Stock module is also used for entering billing codes. Billing codes are the description of different jobs. The length of the billing code description is not limited
  • Assembly or Kit: If stock items are packaged together and sold as one, they are called assemblies or kits. The number of items in a kit is not limited

Purchases - Creditors

Auto Care Software has several integrated modules and reports to keep track of purchases, payments and creditors reports. Key features include:

Supplier Invoice: Purchases can be entered into the stock database or assigned directly to a job. 
Purchase to Stock: When purchased parts arrive and a supplier invoice is entered, the stock level will be credited. New stock items not already in the database can be added manually without exiting supplier invoice. 
Purchase to Job: At the time of entering a supplier invoice, a part can be directly allocated to a Job. In this scenario, it will not be entered into the stock database. Subcontract labour items can also be entered and allocated to Jobs.

Purchase Order: It is possible to order parts to Stock or to a Job. Ordering parts to Stock can be made manually or using the Auto Order option. This feature can be used if Minimum and Maximum level fields are entered in the Stock module. When ordered parts arrive, Purchase Order can be imported to Supplier Invoice with a click of a button.

Supplier Payment: This module is very similar to Customer Payments. Outstanding balances can be called up and payments can be allocated against supplier invoices quickly. Information is also available on your purchase history with individual suppliers.

Creditors Reports: You can easily print creditors reports including Supplier Remittance Advice, Accounts Payable report, Supplier Invoice and Payment register, Purchasing and Suggested Purchase Order report.

BAS Business Activity Statement

Business Activity Statement can be printed on Cash or Accrual base for any period. The additional detailed GST Collected and Paid report and PAYG Tax Withheld detailed reports show how the BAS Statement figures come together.


Auto Care Software allows you to easily prepare and distribute service reminder letters for customers including Next Service, Registration, Transmission and Air Conditioner reminders. Reminders can be sent out by email and post. It is also possible to view recent and lapsed clients to help you keep in touch with customers.

Download Centre

If you get regular price updates from your suppliers, we can make them available for you through our Download Centre. New stock items will be added. For existing stock items, the cost and price figures will be automatically updated.

Vehicle Pictures

Numerous pictures can be allocated to a vehicle in your database. Pictures can be imported either from your computer or directly from your iPhone.

SMS Messages

You can send SMS messages directly from Auto Care Software – confirming bookings, sending service reminders or just notifying customers about their vehicle readiness to pick up. Your customers can send back SMS confirmations.

Minimum hardware & Operating System Requirement
  • 4 GB or more.
  • Backup unit - 100 GB or more external hard drive
  • Uninterruptable power supply
  • Laser or inkjet printer
  • Windows 7,  Windows 8 , Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 and later

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