Auto Care Premium

Auto Care Software Premium incorporates all the features of Auto Care Software Lite and Standard versions. In addition it has the following modules:

Business Internet Banking

Business Internet Banking is for you, if you have Internet access and you would like to pay your Suppliers and Employees electronically in a time effective manner. Auto Care Software will create a standard data file with all payment transactions which can be up loaded to your bank. They will process your payments. If you have dozens of transactions at the end of the month or any other time, this module will save you considerable time.

Internal Job Module

This module is a powerful tool for businesses having a requirement for the repair or rebuilding of assemblies that will be placed in stock ready for sale. It allows you to create internal jobs and track the full cost. As an example, rebuild an alternator, allocate all the required parts, add the labour charge of the mechanic working on the rebuild (based on their 'hourly cost'). Then put the alternator on the stock shelf and sell it, tracking how much it costs you and how much profit you make on the sale. This module manages data related to:

  • Processing jobs for stock
  • Stock control (spare part components and finished product stages)
  • Warranty tractability (parts and labour).

All stock numbers that are raised through the Internal Job module are automatically given a build ID (warranty) number.

Cost Centres

This feature allows you to nominate your individual sales and cost of sales accounts for individual stock items, stock category (Stock items, Billing Codes, Assemblies). Alternatively, for a network setting, this feature allows you to set up unique sales and cost of sales accounts at each individual workstation. Say you have a computer in the workshop and another one in the front office designated for part sales. Auto Care Software Premier with Premium Features makes it possible to set up a sales account for your workshop computer and a separate sales account for part sales on the other computer. In the General Ledger, you will be able to follow the sales and cost of sales by departments (e.g. part sales, service) or stock categories.

Job/Time Module

This module has been specifically designed to enable you to track the actual time worked on a job and to view mechanics productivity and efficiency. It also allows you to have more than one technician working on the job and records each individual time accordingly. But, not only does it record time spent working on jobs, it is designed to clock your employees on, record the time they spend working on various jobs, as well as recording delivery time, various breaks (i.e. morning tea, lunch, etc) and finally when they clock off for the day. At any stage you have full control over error correction of times (e.g. an employee forgets to clock off for the day and it may create problems in recording his times). The Job/Time module provides you with comprehensive reports including individual technicians’ activity for any given time period; percentage of productive times; hours allocated and real hours worked on particular jobs and the total money generated for the job created from labour alone.

Caplink payments

If you are a preferred Capricorn Supplier, Capricorn members can make payments using their Capricorn account.

To get payment approval you just click on the Caplink button on the Customer Invoice and you can be sure that this payment will get to your account in time.

Auto Care Software also generates you the end of month Caplink Payments Report.

Stock by Serial Number

If your business needs to keep records of stock by serial numbers we have the solution for you. In Auto Care Software Premier Stock module you can record stock by serial numbers and when it’s sold the sale invoice can be found by serial number.

Stock price range

You can have up to 6 price ranges (Retail, Trade, Wholesale, Contract1, Contract2 and Contract3)

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