Auto Care Private Mini Cloud

Auto Care Private Mini Cloud allows you to access your Auto Care database in your workshop from anywhere you can connect to the Internet - from home and mobile laptop computers to your accountant’s office.

Office staffs or accountants/bookkeepers needing to work from home or from their offices can access the Auto Care Database without interrupting your computer work in the workshop. They can enter customer or supplier payments, print statements or any other reports on their local printers, send out next service reminders or do Payroll pay runs from their computers.

If you have more than one workshop, you can access each of their individual Auto Care Databases from your computer. This allows you to check the performance of your workshops in real time

This technology doesn’t require any special software or hardware. Your Windows 7, 8 or 10 computer in the workshop will do the job. You can use this computer while other users are accessing your Auto Care Database remotely through the internet.

Auto Care Private Mini Cloud

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